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The Altar of Deceit Blog Homepage

Pictured above is an artist’s rendition of the Tower of Babel in the city of Babylon.  This city is considered the starting point of all occult practices and mysticism many of which we are still practicing today.  These practices were designed to deceive man and alter his perception of himself and the Creation around him. The purpose of which, ultimately, was/is to turn man away from the Truth of God.

The goal of this website is to providers readers with information about the deceptions, lies and corruption surrounding us everyday.  The focus will be on more of a historical context and to correct, hopefully, the perceptions we have about history and about our selves.  At the very least, provide enough factual information and references that will be compelling enough to have the reader rethink things we have accepted as ‘fact’.

By the way, I realize the word ‘alter’ for the web site and the word ‘altar’ are different.  I did this to try and circumvent the censorship google is employing currently.  Not trying to be clever, just trying to navigate through this nonsense.