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Observations from a common man

Observations from a Common man with some common sense

These Hollywood hypocritical leftists, denigrate the country for the alleged crimes against other countries.  However, it is NOT the country, but the government.  If the government was honest with the American people about its activities, the American people would reject what the gov’t is/was doing.  But yet, these leftists always claim that big gov’t is the answer.


The same leftists excuse (or pretend it did not happen) any criminality committed by ‘one of their own’, e.g. Hillary Clinton, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Democratic politicians being accused of child molestation, excuse any violent behavior by muslims. But are quick to scream hate and bigotry when a person expresses concern about the behaviours and actions of a particular group.  Notice how they do not call themselves the ‘party of tolerance’ anymore?


Antifa-protests against the KKK because the KKK commits violence against certain groups of people because they do not agree with that particular group(s).  They were sheets to cover their identities.  However, Antifa screams not to hate as they assault people, whom they do not agree with, with clubs, bats etc. And by the way, they wear black and cover their faces.  Hmmm.


The climate change advocates scream about how we are destroying the planet, especially the US (of course!!), but nothing is said about the complete pollution in India or China.

However, NOTHING has been mentioned, best to my knowledge, regarding the Fukishima radioactive water pouring into the pacific since the 2011 earthquake in that region.


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