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You need to get Prepared

You Need to get Prepared

I am sure you have heard this plenty of times already… ‘you need to get prepared’.  It is good advice because there are plenty of reasons to get and be prepared such as storms, for example. But there is a much bigger storm on the horizon that is headed our way in which you really need to prepare for.

If history is any guide, we as a nation, are headed for some very dark times and I believe we do not have very long to wait for this to happen.  I can point to some elements such as crime, the economy, the political landscape and the other usual suspects.  But I believe these are just symptoms and/or manifestations of a much deeper problem.  It is this problem that I feel you need to get prepared for.

Alexis De Tocqueville, a 19th century French statesman, historian and social philosopher has been quoted as saying the following:

““In the end, the state of the Union comes down to the character of the people. I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her commodious harbors and her ample rivers, and it was not there. In the fertile fields and boundless prairies, and it was not there. In her rich mines and her vast world commerce, and it was not there. Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits, aflame with righteousness, did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great. “

Alexis de Tocqueville “Democracy in America”

There is some dispute regarding if he really said this or not, but I am not going to explore that rabbit hole right now.  My point in using this quote is Mr. de Tocqueville described the moral health of America.  The church was strong and vibrant in our young nation and was the moral compass by which this country navigated its course.  That is not to say the country did not have its ills, but there was a solid foundation of moral and spiritual character with which the populace operated from.

When the Constitution was written, the monarchs in Europe basically had a cow.  This is the first document in history, outside of the Magna Carta, that gave the common man rights, not to be lorded over but the unalienable rights to achieve and pursue his goals in accordance to his abilities.  There was no king in this new country, but an elected leader and an elected representative body that made the laws by which the new land was to be governed.  It basically eradicated the ruling class in this country.  This gave the ‘unwashed masses’, in the eyes of the European monarchies, unheard of rights and to be ruled by laws, not the whims of a king (or a queen).  Hence the effort to undermine America (more about this in another discussion) by these powers was underway.

This morality, character and the freedom catapulted America to the heights of world power.  But, I think, it is safe to say that the higher she rose the more the American character eroded.  Like with any other nation that has achieved prominence, America became fat, dumb and stupid (ok, happy, too).  We became complacent, arrogant, and since we did not have to worry about the basics of survival and living day to day, our attentions focused on things that maybe should not have been focused on.  Not only the American populace, but our government became drunk on the power that America was basically ruling the world (in the mid 1900’s).  The old saying that if America sneezed, the world caught a cold was very much true.  So not only did the US government start meddling in foreign affairs, it was meddling in the affairs of its own population.

America has been turning away from what made her great to begin with-moral character, a basic goodness and trust rooted in spiritually (yes, the Judeo-Christian principles).  There are so many contributions leading to America’s decline (yes, present tense) and not just because her populace is fat dumb and happy.  More on these contributions in later posts but suffice to say that America’s own government is a major contributor to the decline.

So, this is what you need to get prepared for-the moral erosion of America.  If you have any knowledge of how the Nazis Government treated its own people, an argument can be made that our government is heading down the same path reflected by how it is treating its own people.  Some examples are: high taxation, intrusive surveillance, militarized police, courts that do not follow the law but rather political ideologies, the attitude that the government is right and the people are guilty, news media that tows the party line, censorship, politically funded thugs, institutionalized entitlements, etc. etc.  The population is being fractured and fertilized with hate.  Perversion is being mainstreamed and set up as the norm and as the standard to be whereas someone with ‘traditional values’ is ridiculed.  This pall is falling over everything, everyone and every institution in this nation.

Again, if history is any guide things are going to get way worse before there is any hope of it getting better.  I personally do not know what exactly is going to happen, there are so many potential black and red swans out there anything can happen at any time.  But I think once one thing happens, there will be a quick succession of other things, or events, that will follow.

When this does happen (and it will) are you strong enough spiritually?  I did a very basic outline of items that are contributing to the cause of the downfall, however each item will be explored in future blogs and I hope I will make it clear that there is a malevolent spirit behind all of this.  Pretty heavy, I know, but you cannot deny what is going on in this country and the rest of the world, for that matter.  If you are reading this, hopefully you agree with the previous statement.  If you do, be aware that you have a choice: be a pawn in all of this and just follow where the wind blows you and just hope everything ‘turns out OK’.  Or, refuse to be a pawn and take a stand.  This starts with getting your spiritual house in order-this will give you the ultimate anchor to get through whatever the future may hold.  This begins with acknowledging that Jesus Christ died for your sins and he is Lord.  Yeah, I am going there.  If you are pooh-poohing this, OK I get it, especially here in this country where being Christian is portrayed as a feel good, wishy washy, vapid sort of thing.  At least, that is what is presented in the mainstream and if you agree with that portrayal then that is fine.  I do not blame you in any way for that viewpoint. But if you hang with me on this site and see what I write and where I am going with all of this, I sincerely hope you will reconsider your view point and discover why accepting Him into your life is vital to your survival.

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