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More Occult Activities in our Face

The link below is the Youtube video-credit: RT; regarding the ceremony for the opening of the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland.  Whatever happened to ribbon cutting, a band, and some champagne?  BTW, listen to the music as well in this video. Pretty grim.


Here is another video that summarizes some of the symbolism in today’s music.  It is not my work, but I picked it because it does a good job of pointing things out during the videos.  Heads-up, somewhat graphic.  Some explanations:  when you see someone do the ‘ok’ symbol, but purposely holds up the other three fingers, that symbolizes the ‘666’ number.  When you see them cover one eye, that represents the ‘all seeing eye’-the eye of horus.  It represents the light, intelligence, wisdom, etc.  However, its roots are in Luciferian worship since many in the illuminati, the freemasons and others in the circles of power believe that Lucifer is the light bringer, their god.  Also, you will see some designs with alternate black and white, such as the floor with black/white alternating tiles.  This is also Lucifierian since it is believed in these groups that God, the Creator, cannot exist without Lucifer and vice versa.  It is similar to that of the ying-yang symbol in Asian philosophy.  But here, it reduces God the the level of satan.  And these people believe satan will win.  BTW, even these people who promote liberalism and produce a message that denigrate the belief in God, but THEY believe in God.  Just thought I would point that out.  Notice the messages of death, cannibalism, necrophilia, and other perversions.  The narrator sums it up very well half way through the video.

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