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By Their Fruits, Ye Shall Know Them

By Their Fruits, Ye shall Know Them

Well, I think it is worthwhile to revisit this topic.  In my previous article about liberalism, (“Liberalism is for Psychopaths, Sociopaths….”) I started out by quoting a scripture in the Gospel of Matthew, ‘by their fruits, ye shall know them’.  I thought I should highlight some things about liberalism.


Anything that liberals, aka the far left, infest or infiltrate ends up getting destroyed.  I think it is safe to say that the mainstream media is just about 100% leftist.  I have said for some time, anything the MSM promotes or gives favorable reports to usually ends up being bad for the country and it fundamental principles.  So, what is the fruit?  Lies, obfuscation and omission of the facts, hypocritical reporting based on ideology.  They are not interested in facts but shaping opinion. I bet you did not hear about this in the news:

They are anti-God and anti-Constitution and pro socialist. Please listen to the Mark Dice video of what one MSM propagandist said:

In the article below, it talks about Walter Duranty, who received the Pulitzer for writing about Stalin, while covering up the mass slaughter that Stalin directly implemented upon his own people.

Look at the way the MSM stirs up the rhetoric when it comes to a white on black incident.  Or, how about the way they covered Obama.  The media lobbed softball questions at him, never criticized him for any of his actions, or lack thereof.  They were told by the Obama WH staff, to report on certain things and not others of which they complied.  During this past presidential campaign, I do not think the MSM even tried to hide the fact they were completely in the tank for Hillary-complete with the way the ‘hosts’ at the debate jumped all over Trump, but did not give Hillary the same treatment.  It was uncovered that some reporters sent their questions to the DNC for approval before asking them.  BTW, look at the type of candidate they were supporting as well.  I do not think I need to explain that.

However, it is not just the MSM. Other predominately leftist institutions just do not flourish.

States and Cities

Many cities in the country are democrat such Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, LA, NYC.  These cities are not doing well financially, socially and the crime rates are increasing.  These cities are shadows of what they used to be, especially Detroit.  Detroit was considered the jewel of the country back in the early 60’s, but then democratic policies were instituted to ‘help the poor’.  A good history of Detroit is listed below.  BTW, unions are heavily democratic.  This statement will make more sense when you read the article.

There is a higher percentage of blue states that are in trouble financially with high levels of debt and unfunded liabilities in comparison to the percentage of red states. In addition, most of the blue states are experiencing mass exodus of their respective populations due to ever increasing taxes and little to show for it in way of better schools or better infrastructure and public services.  Where is all the money going?  Social services?  There is no financial responsibility to the tax paying public.  So now, many of the state and city governments can no longer pay their bills and are close to declaring bankruptcy.


Public Schools

I think it is safe statement to say that public schools have become leftist indoctrination centers and are more concerned about transgender identity and promoting the homosexual agenda than about math and spelling.  Instead of teaching children about critical thinking, the curriculum is more indoctrination to left leaning principles and amoral behavior.  The result, the US ranks 14th in overall education, 24th in literacy, 11th in fourth grade math.  BTW, the teacher’s union, one of the largest unions in the country, is heavily democratic.


DNC and other Far Left Groups

The left, democratic party, and liberals do not uplift or create hope. Nor do they offer solutions-just taxes (i.e. carbon taxes, ‘tax the rich’, car mileage tax) and division.   All they do is spew negativity, condemn, race bait and create victims.  Look at the leftist groups;  the feminists, BLM, Antifa, La Raza, to name a few, most of the time they are just yelling, spewing hate and are just plain angry.  There is no rational discussion with solutions and ideas.  These people are so locked in to their own narrative that it seems they are brainwashed.  Ever talk to someone in a cult?  Very similar pattern of behavior. They talk of tolerance, but verbally (and physically) assault anyone who disagrees with them (remember how the left acted/reacted to Trump’s inauguration? Riots in the streets, attacking people, destroying property).

In another display of far left behavior, I refer you to the SJWs and the whole statue issue that occurred a couple of months ago.  That whole incident just did not make any sense.  Attacking statues because they found it offensive?  Really?  As of this writing, the statue of Senator Byrd (D-WV), who was a high ranking KKK member is still standing.  I wonder if the former senator was a republican, instead of a democrat, if the statue would be intact.  I tend to doubt it.

By the way, these leftist groups condemn Christianity as being intolerant, but embrace Islam i.e. remember the Women’s march in January 2017?  They had an Islamic call to prayer.  Islam is one of, if not the most, oppressive system towards women on the planet.  When ISIS was rampaging across the Middle East, it was discovered that they were recruiting people of the left since they share the same ideals.  Now that is an endorsement.


Hollywood is a topic all by itself and for another time. As is illegal immigration.


Institutions such the Girl Scouts and Boy scouts have been infiltrated by liberal ideals (like homosexuals in the Boy scouts), the NFL (and not just the kneeling issue, the NFL was turning left for some time now-remember little Bobby Costas with his anti gun rant?).


The left is attacking masculinity and promoting the emasculation of the male species.  The liberals are embracing the blending of the genders, which so perverted and against the natural order of things.  Obama was supporting transgenders using the bathrooms of their choosing.  The list goes on.  Anything that the left infects, the host devolves into some hate filled, ignorant and amoral entity.


On a global scope, look at Venezuela and Cuba which are socialist states.  These countries are a mess. The Venezuelans have no food.  Cubans have been living in poverty since Castro. Europe adopted the immigration mantra and look at the mess they are in.  Sweden, one of the most liberal countries, is in a state of denial of what these immigrant animals are doing to their country with rape, crime, assault and murder.  But the government cracks down on the indigenous population who speak up about it.  France, Italy and Germany are experiencing the same circumstances as Sweden with the immigration issue.

In Conclusion

The above list of items is just scratching the surface.  So, it begs the question….why?  There is a major push for a global government, a new world order, by global cabal, or the elites, if you will. For them to tear down traditional cultures of a country, national sovereignty, spiritual traditions, create confusion and division amongst the population it becomes easier to take over and control that country.  For the cabal to achieve this, they use liberalism.  Not conservatism, but liberalism.

I will repeat that.  For the globalists to destroy a country from within, they use liberalism and employ those useful idiots who buy into the liberal doctrine and the compromised institutions (mentioned above) to execute that plan.

This article, by no means, is meant to be a comprehensive list, but it is meant to highlight some of the more prescient items that are going on.  These things are not organic, but orchestrated for a purpose.  I plan on getting in to more detail as the nature of this purpose and the background of it.

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