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Decline of Empires-Historical context

Below is a link to Stefan Molyneux’s video of the Fall of Rome.  He breaks down the economics, the political activity and the societal factors that contributed to the Fall of Rome.  It is a long video, but it is well worth the listen.  Towards the end, about the last half hour or so, he talks about Greece and its decline with the signs in its society reflecting this as well.  The parallels of what Grecian society devolved to compared to ours is striking.  This video fits in well with my previous article, “The Decline of a Nation…”.  As you listen to this, it is very sobering to realize that the US is doing (in the body politic as well as cultural) what Greece and Rome have done.  I seriously doubt the result will be any different.  That is not to say we will be invaded by ‘barbarians’ but we will have disintegration and collapse of life as we know it.

Again, credit to Stefan Molyneux and his web site  BTW, I am not getting any compensation for this.

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