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Thoughts from a Common man

Thoughts from a common man

  • So, NFL protesting police brutality-to date I have not heard from these cry-bullies anything about the heroism of the Las Vegas cops during the mass shooting.
  • Why are they not protesting the shootings of black on black people or the innocent killed in the drive-bys?
  • Are they protesting the shooting of a white church by a Sudanese immigrant who claimed he did it because they were white?
  • Mark Dice video describing the very same point above. Worth watching.
  • Speaking of NFL, they are protesting the racial discrimination as they are paid millions playing a sport and blacks make up 75% of the population of the league. By the way, if they are so self righteous, why do they move out of the ‘hood once they make their millions?  Yes, many of them do develop foundations to help inner city youth, but why aren’t these efforts held up and emulated?
  • I saw a stat that at least one NFL player gets arrested per week. Majority of arrests are black.
  • Are any of these players donating any $$ to the relief efforts to the various disasters that happened to the country as of late?
  • How come none of these players or any other Liberal groups, best to my knowledge,  protesting the current and active slavery taking place in the Middle East (yes, Africans are made slaves in these Muslim countries).
  • Notice when it was announced that Soros will not continue to fund Antifa, THEN Pelosi and other democrats came out against Antifa.
  • Still waiting to see if the statue of Senator Byrd has been taken down by the triggered SJWs
  • Notice how democrats come out screaming about gun control within a day of when a shooting in this country occurs, but when someone commits murder shouting Allah akbar!, the same people say not to rush to judgement about radical islam.
  • Notice how liberals come out screaming about climate change and it is Trumps fault we got hit by 3 major hurricanes because we pulled out of the Paris accord. This was a direct correlation-according to them. However, nothing was mentioned about the previous 12 years of only one storm (Sandy).  Also, nothing was said about the complete incompetence of the relief efforts by the government for this storm (Sandy)…..oh wait, Obama was president and running for another term.


The mayor of san juan is complaining that President Trump is not helping her and Puerto Rico.  She is saying this in front of pallets of water and boxes of food still shrinked wrapped.  Not too political.

Presented in response to the gun control morons who try to capitalize on a tragedy involving guns.  BTW, how is this gun control working for you in Chicago or Philly or Baltimore?  Hat tip:

Presented without comment.  Hat tip:

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