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A Brief History of Deception

The video below reviews the rise of Hitler and who was behind him and why.  It proceeds from there and covers many topics including the Kennedy assassination up to 9/11.  I am not saying I agree with everything that is stated and/or postulated in this video.  However, there is much that is presented that I do agree with based on the reading/research that I have performed.  There are some things that he left out that he maybe he should have talked about, but then the video may have been over 4 hours long.  There is so much we do not know as a result of this deception that I honestly do not know if we will ever get to the ultimate bottom of it all.  But, personally, I’d rather keep digging and try to enlighten rather live like a blissful idiot.  Enjoy.  This is not my video and I am not taking any credit for it nor do I own any rights etc., etc. to this video.

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