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Time for a Catastrophe?

Maybe We Need a Nationwide Catastrophe

There is such a long list of complete and utter lunacy in our society such as the NFL protesting the flag because of oppression….while they make millions, hmmm.  The complete corruption of the MSM, our government and other institutions just adds to the confusion.  Then there are the really important issues such as what to call a person if they are a transgender or the SJW triggered issue dejour.  Hell, we do not even know what fricking bathroom to use, thank you Mr. GayMuslim Obama.

We have become such a nation of really stupid issues perpetuated by the news and the government. As a nation, we forgot what is really important and what really matters.  One can make the argument that it is all bread and circuses which is a reference to the Roman Empire where the government kept the people pre-occupied with games, the circus-maximus and food handouts while the empire crumbled all around them.  We are crumbling as a nation.  Our stature in the world has crashed and burned.  Our credibility is in the hole.  We are known as a petulant bully-with nuclear weapons.  We are no longer looked upon with admiration and respect.  Obama did get one thing right when he said we are no longer a Christian nation.  We certainly do not act like it.  So maybe a disaster will provide a reset and a re-focus.  We see glimpses of this in areas that get ravaged by tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and yes, 9/11.  Any soldier will tell you there is no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole during a fire fight.  So, perhaps something so catastrophic event will motivate the population to ‘get their shit together’.

My point is when a disaster strikes, people figure out pretty damn quick what is important and what really matters.  None of these any social issues that are made out to be SO important via the MSM, really do not mean squat in the end.  Do you think people who just experienced some disaster really give a shit about transgender rights or what some Hollywood idiot is saying about some issue?  I do not think so.  What becomes important is food, water, caring for your family, friends and neighbors.  When this event or events does occur, I do not have any delusion that people will be sitting around fires singing kumbaya.  No, it will be pretty ugly and nasty for awhile, depending on what occurs.  I do not know who said this, but this person claimed that we are 9 meals away from total societal breakdown and chaos.  Look no further than the shut down of the welfare system due to a computer system glitch 2 or 3 years ago as an example of this.  There were riots at Walmarts and other places where the welfare animals ransacked these places.  So, in a major catastrophe, I think it will be that type of scenario on steroids.  I think many will die for a variety of reasons (for a fictional scenario of this, please read the book “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen).

But maybe this is what we need.  Kind like a fire in a forest.  The forest floor gets so choked up with debris and underbrush that a fire comes in and burns it all out.  Initially, there is great destruction, but there is recovery and a rejuvenation since all that debris has been cleared out.

That being said, there are no guarantees here.  Whatever will happen, we may never recover.  There are so many people with the sickness of entitlements that they may not survive because they have lost any ability for the will to survive or any skills thereof, or even the ability to rationally think.  However, they will be the ones to start ransacking, pillaging and killing others to get what they need.  Others have prepared and have the will to survive.  How all this will play out is anyone’s guess.  But what is certain, something is going to happen to us, the USA.  We cannot continue down this road that we are on indefinitely.  We have become a perverted and corrupt nation that is perpetuating war for the sake of money and the petro dollar, among other things.  Being blissfully ignorant of what is going on is not an excuse nor will it save you.

I am not hoping or wishing for this and I am pretty sure that I will regret ever saying this.  But I believe this is the path we are on and from the looks of it, we as Americans are not doing much to change this course.  We reap what we sow.

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