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As if you needed more proof that many of these leftist organizations are completely hypocritical and so ideological that they are completely inconsistent on their very own issues.  This feminist movement, or whatever it is, is completely silent on Bill Clinton’s proven sexual assaults or women oppression in many muslim countries.

From, we have this gem…………


Leading Feminists of the Day Caught in The Tank with Harvey Weinstein

You’ve been had, Mz Feminist of the 21st Century. 

Totally had.

Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and the leaders of the day after inauguration Big Women’s March aren’t the champions of women, but the exploiters of them. 

They’re in the tank with Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, who “confronted with allegations including sexual harassment and unwanted physical contact, has reached at least eight settlements with women, according to two company officials speaking on the condition of anonymity.” (New York Times, Oct. 5, 2017)

The biggest self-proclaimed “champions” of women are, in fact, their biggest exploiters.

“Weinstein was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton’s recent presidential run and donated to her political campaigns about 10 times between 1999 and 2016, according to a review of campaign finance records. (Hollywood Reporter, Oct. 5, 2017)

“Weinstein’s donations to Clinton over the years total more than $20,000 and span from her successful campaign for U.S. Senate in New York in 2000 to her unsuccessful presidential campaigns of 2007 and 2016. He also donated to her husband’s presidential campaigns in the 1990s.”

And it wasn’t just self-touted Champion of Women Hillary Clinton that Weinstein, maker or breaker of Hollywood careers, financed.

“He also hosted fundraisers benefiting Barack Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012 and donated several times to his campaign in 2011 and 2012. Weinstein was considered a “bundler” for Obama’s campaign, as he raised $679,275 for it. (Hollywood Reporter)

“Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama, also recently interned for Harvey Weinstein’s company in New York during a break before college.” (Vanity Fair, Jan. 20, 2017)

How much more in the tank does it get than that?

And get a load of the lineup who handled Weinstein’s PR in anticipation of the NYT’s exposé:

“A former top adviser to Barack Obama was among the list of public relations professionals and lawyers consulting Harvey Weinstein over a major New York Times story, according to two people familiar with the matter. (Buzzfeed News, Oct. 5, 2017)

“Anita Dunn, a top Obama campaign staffer and former White House communications director, helped offer damage control advice for the Hollywood mogul.”

That’s the same Anita Dunn who named two of her “favorite political philosophers” as Mao Tse Tung and Mother Teresa, being the first in history to couple a monster and a saint.

Dunn, then Obama’s communication director, revealed her two favorite political philosophers two months before her boss honored the Chinese dictator with his very own orb on the 2009 White House official Christmas tree.

“Dunn was not paid by Weinstein for her help, according to one of the people familiar with the matter. But she did offer her PR advice, including in regards to a Sept. 23 Times story written by Megan Twohey. (Buzzfeed) “The story, about a controversy over Weinstein’s work with AIDS charity amfAR, was thought to be a precursor to the big investigation posted on Thursday.

“Sources said that Lanny Davis, former special counsel to Bill Clinton, has been central to the PR effort for Weinstein, who is a major Democratic donor.

“Dunn, for her part, is the managing director of SKDKnickerbocker, a Washington public affairs firm with deep ties to Democratic politics. She was communications director for Obama’s 2008 campaign and served briefly in his administration.”

Nothing to see here, folks, only attempted damage control through high-flown PR.

“On Thursday afternoon, the New York Times published a major investigation into Weinstein that features on-the-record claims of sexual harassment, including from actor Ashley Judd.” (NY Times)

And that’s got to be the best part of the story, Ashley Judd, who made claims of being sexually harassed by Weinstein, never mentioned it on the day of the Big Women’s March.

Instead she portrayed newly-inaugurated President Donald Trump as pervert and monster, saying that Trump’s election victory was worse than being raped.

 “Actress and left-wing activist Ashley Judd says the “tragedy” of Donald Trump’s election victory is far worse than an experience from her childhood in which she was raped. (Breitbart, Feb. 24, 2017)

“It remains for me the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my lifetime,” Judd said of Trump’s successful election. “Raped as a child – bad. Re-raped by a political system that ordains a clown – really bad.”

“Last month, at the Women’s March in Washington, DC, Judd bashed Trump by suggesting that he has sexual fantasies about his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

“I am not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol, like your wet dreams infused with your own genes,” Judd said.”

Meanwhile, Weinstein included what he will be doing when working with therapists during his leave of absence “to deal with this issue head on”, in a statement to the New York Times:

“I’ve been trying to do this for 10 years and this is a wake-up call. I cannot be more remorseful about the people I hurt and I plan to do right by all of them. I am going to need a place to channel that anger so I’ve decided that I’m going to give the NRA my full attention. I hope Wayne LaPierre will enjoy his retirement party. (Huffington Post, Oct. 5, 2017)

“I’m going to do it at the same place I had my Bar Mitzvah. I’m making a movie about our President, perhaps we can make it a joint retirement party.”

In other words, Harvey Weinstein is throwing completely in with the hate-filled Donald Trump activists.

Weinstein, who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama elected, is no longer working for them but with them.

So as long as he is a liberal and especially a powerful one such as Weinstein, then it is OK.  Imagine, just imagine, if this was a well known conservative in the place of Weinstein.  I have hard time believing the feminazis would be as quiet about it as they are about this.


Here is another one on gun control.  I do not need to repeat the whole screechy arguments about how and why we need gun control.  The argument is getting as tedious as the abortion argument.  Anyway, here is another gem about the liberal hypocrisy about the issue:


Obama Study Concluded Firearms Used for Self-Defense ‘Important Crime Deterrent’

“Self-defense can be an important crime deterrent,” concluded a study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) mandated via executive order by President Barack Obama. The findings also question the effectiveness of gun-control measures.

The $10 million study was commissioned by President Barack Obama as part of 23 executive orders he signed in January of 2013.

The study’s findings include:

  • Gun-use is the safest of studied “self-protective strategies,”
  • Suicide accounts for most firearm deaths,
  • Felons who use guns very seldom obtain their guns by stealing them, and
  • There is no evidence that gun restrictions reduce gun violence.

“Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns (i.e., incidents in which a gun was ‘used’ by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or threatening an offender) have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies,” the CDC study, entitled “Priorities For Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence,” states.

Researchers also found that the majority of firearm deaths are from suicide, not homicide. “Between the years 2000 and 2010, firearm-related suicides significantly outnumbered homicides for all age groups, annually accounting for 61 percent of the more than 335,600 people who died from firearm-related violence in the United States.”

“Most felons report obtaining the majority of their firearms from informal sources,” adds the report, while “stolen guns account for only a small percentage of guns used by convicted criminals.”

The report expresses uncertainty about gun control measures, stating that “whether gun restrictions reduce firearm-related violence is an unresolved issue,” and that there is no evidence “that passage of right-to-carry laws decrease or increase violence crime.” It also stated that proposed “gun turn-in programs are ineffective.”

Instead, researchers proposed gun safety technologies such as “external locking devices and biometric systems” to reduce firearm-related deaths.


As for the NFL flag kneeling issue.  I bet you never heard this on the MSM news.  Things are not what they seem.  They are not supporting America.  Plain and simple.

NFL players’ union teamed up with Soros to fund leftist advocacy groups

Tax documents show NFLPA activism goes beyond take-a-knee protests

By Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times – Thursday, October 5, 2017

Even before its feud over the national anthem with President Trump, the NFL Players Association wasn’t on the same political team as many of its fans, judging from its contributions to leftist advocacy groups.

Tax documents released by 2ndVote show the NFLPA donated $5,000 in 2015 to the Center for Community Change Action, a group active in the anti-Trump resistance and bankrolled by a host of liberal foundations, including top Democratic donor George Soros’s Foundation for Open Society.

A member of the AFL-CIO, the NFLPA also contributed in 2013 and 2015 to Working America, the AFL-CIO’s community affiliate, which Open Secrets said spent $1 million in 2016 to defeat Trump.

Working America has since mobilized against the Republican tax-cut framework, denouncing it as the “Trump tax scam.”

The NFLPA contributed $5,000 in 2014 to Jobs with Justice, another pro-union group backed by Soros, and $5,000 in 2013 to the progressive Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy.

The NFLPA donations from 2013, 2014 and 2015 were made before Mr. Trump was elected.

Other NFLPA charitable contributions went to a mix of groups supporting veterans, medical research and youth, including the Wounded Warrior Project, the Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins, Active Minds, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington.

The Center for Community Change, whose 2015 annual report lists Planned Parenthood as a donor, plans to honor Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer at its Oct. 12 awards dinner recognizing “heroes on the front lines of resistance.”

The CCCA has also received millions from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Ford Foundation, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

“Clearly, ‘social activism’ by NFL players includes aligning with George Soros and other liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood in support of the left’s agenda,” said 2ndVote, a conservative watchdog group.

The NFLPA issued a statement in support of players who have protested racial injustice by sitting or taking a knee during the national anthem after Trump suggested in a Sept. 22 speech that team owners should fire those who refuse to stand.

NFLPA president Eric Winston said he was “extremely disappointed” in the president’s remarks.

“The comments were a slap in the face to the civil rights heroes of the past and present, soldiers who have spilled blood in countless wars to uphold the values of this great nation and American people of all races, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations who seek civil progress as a means to make this country, and this world, a better place,” said Winston in a Sept. 23 statement.

An estimated 200 players sat or knelt during the national anthem the following weekend, while only about 50 did so last weekend.

In a joint statement, the NFL and NFLPA said they met Tuesday to discuss “the important issue of social activism by NFL players,” but 2ndVote urged them to call a halt to the political advocacy.

“With television audiences declining every week and fans growing increasingly tired of the disrespect of the flag, the league and the players’ union would find it in their best interest to end the liberal activism and focus on football,” said 2ndVote. “After all, millions are finding it in their best interest not to watch the NFL at all.”


Do you really think this was an organic protest started by one guy (whose girlfriend is, allegedly, a rabid BLM activist)?  My question is why did they have to hide this if the cause was so righteous?


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