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Did Dinosaurs and Humans co-exist?

In keeping with the spirit of questioning the given narrative, I want to question the idea that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago in this post.  Obviously they are no longer around now, except that someone forgot to tell the coelecanth.  Not that this fact is a slam dunk to disprove the accepted current line of thought.  However, I think there is enough evidence out there to really question the given narrative.  Again, there are so many lies and deceptions that we live with everyday and have been taught, why would this be an exception?  With that, many of the scientists have become so closed minded to anything other than the given narrative.  Science is now ruled by consensus, rather than by facts.  Since the government is the main money source for many of these scientific associations as well as the universities and we know just how honest the government is, then by default, it warrants the questioning of the given narrative.    A very good video that links facts and myths:

More reading on the topic

Of course there are more sources on this topic.  Why am I not presenting the ‘other side’?  I think we all know what the ‘other side’ says already.  As far as the rebuttal to the young dinosaur idea, I leave that to the reader or maybe for a later post.  In some of the reading I have done, many of the scientists refuse to do carbon dating testing or refuse to accept the results of such testing or other testing of samples that refute the narrative.  You would think that the scientists would jump on the chance to disprove this notion of ‘young’ dinosaurs.  But they do not, at least in the accounts I have read.  Makes you wonder.


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