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It has always bothered me that there is such a push for everyone to take a vaccine of some type or another.  There is the flu shot that is always being pushed.  It has been stated by the CDC that it does not work for the current year flu.  Whenever there is a ‘crisis’ such as the H1N1 of a few years ago, there was abject panic fueled by the mainstream media, to get your shot etc.  I remember I was in Raleigh, NC at the time and there was daily reports of how many people was diagnosed with H1N1.  It was kind of silly actually but I was observing people around getting all hyped up about it.  The desired effect was achieved.  As it turned out, the number of who actually was diagnosed with the H1N1 was  very low as a % of the population and the MSM made it out to be a pandemic of sorts.  It also came out that the shots for the H1N1 had so much garbage in the actual vaccine due to the rush to get the vaccines out as quickly as possible that quality control took a back seat.

This is from the CDC regarding the H1N1 and declared a pandemic.  Get your shot!!!!  Well, it never came pass to the extent that MSM was screaming it would and it also was revealed that the H1N1 vaccine quality control was seriously lacking.  I distinctly remember hearing about the quality issue for a couple of days, but then I stopped hearing about it and I cannot find it on the web.  I am not implying there is a conspiracy here, but it would not surprise me if there is a deliberate squelching of that particular information.

Why am I so cynical towards the vaccine movement?  Well, over the course of the years, I have heard how the government organizations are cross-pollinated with executives from the pharmaceutical companies.  How there is legislation that insulates these companies from actual liabilities and court action resulting from their vaccines.  Why?  Of course, it is worth mentioning that the big pharma lobby in Washington DC is one of the biggest lobbying organizations.  Why?

It is also worth mentioning that the pharma companies spend billions in advertising on the MSM on a yearly basis.  So tell me, do you think the MSM ‘news’ is going to tell the truth about the effect of the vaccines or other meds pushed by these drug dealers?  Sorry, they are the suppliers, the government is the dealer/enforcer.

Recently, California passed a law that would make it a felony if you did not vaccinate your child while removing the felony status for someone knowingly passing the AIDS virus to another person.  Does that make sense to you?  Also, a Michigan mom was jailed recently for not vaccinating her child.

Again, I go back to my postulates for this world which I will repeat here: 1) If the MSM is advocating it, then there is high probability that it is not good for me personally or for the country as a whole. 2) Things are not what they appear to be as it is presented in the MSM or the government. 3) Follow the money.   So, below is an excellent video put together by about vaccines, CDC, HHS and Big pharma.  I did not check every source they had, but the ones I did check were smack on.  They also talk about issue that I have heard or read about over the years, but they have the sources.  Please watch it ESPECIALLY when they feature Bill Gates.  Listen carefully to what he says about world population and vaccines. Real scary stuff.  They also get into older government documents discussing the issue of eugenics etc. and how to administer this ‘program’.  Also very scary stuff.  After you watch this video you will see why I am so cynical and suspicious of this whole vaccine scheme.  And why the government is NOT your friend or protector.

Enjoy, in a manner of speaking.

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