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We survived another year.  To be honest, and not to sound morose or anything, but I really thought we would have collapsed by now.  From what I read and listened to, we should have collapsed about 2-3 years ago.  But we continue to limp along.  I thought, along with people way smarter than I regarding these matters thought so as well.  I am not disparaging any of the analysts that I listen to because they have admitted pretty much the same thing as well their surprise that the government and the Fed Reserve were able to pull rabbits of the hat to keep things afloat.

In spite of what we hear from the alt media news, in particular, I do not think things are getting better.  I mean, there are elements that are improving, but I think it is too little too late.  The lies, the corruption and the subterfuge has been going on for so long that it is impossible for one administration, that actually gives a shit about the country, to rectify it in a year.  It may take several administrations along with some drastic actions to correct this.  The new world order/liberal/Marxist demoniacs have been embedded into the buearacracy over the decades and they are very entrenched.  Think about this….if the layers of government as well as the various alphabet agencies were truly patriotic, do you think that skid mark Obama would have been elected given his background, or lack of it, depending on your point of view.

The lies are deep.  Just listen to what is said about the economy.  All the government statistics are so doctored that it is almost as fake as some celebrity with all the plastic surgery and other enhancements.  What is real?  Not to mention the abject BS that is spewing out of the MSM.  The good thing is people are becoming more aware of these things.  People are questioning more and are demanding answers.  This trend is growing and is gathering steam.  As more people wake up, there is a developing disdain for MSM, Hollywood and government.  As more of the perversions are brought to light from these self proclaimed elites, more of the population are going to get a rude wake up call.  Things were not as they were projected by these ‘persons’.

What I am getting at is these individuals in Hollywood, government and corporate arena who projected this image of being the leaders, movers and shakers of society and they know better than the rest of us, are going to be exposed for polluted individuals that they are.  It has already started with the Weinstein issue as well as those who knew about his actions but said nothing.  Yet they positioned themselves as women’s right advocates blah blah.  The bloom is off the rose and revealed to be the hypocrites that they are-can you say Meryl Streep?  That is just the tip of the iceberg.  I sincerely believe much, much worse is going to come out.  If you follow any of the alt media sites, some of this information is already trickling out.  And it is bad.  If it does all come out, I think any one with a shred of a moral core will be shocked and utterly disgusted by the acts these ‘people’ have done in order to get power and fame.  I am sure you have heard of the pedophilia and spirit cooking rampant in the DNC and Washington DC in general.  Notice how the DNC and MSM did not deny the subject matter, they just tried to discredit the way the emails were obtained?  Odd and very telling in my opinion.

So, truths are being revealed and exposed.  People are waking up and getting refocused to what is truly important (declining NFL ratings as a result of the cry-baby kneelers).  There is a rise of patriotism and nationalism.  Which brings me to my next point.  The globalists are in retreat and are losing influence, however, they still wield a lot of power.  What happens when you corner an animal, especially a wounded one?  Exactly.  So, I am preparing for some sort of drastic action and/or event to take place.  Remember what happened to the population during and after 9/11? The psychological effect was extremely profound.  Safe to say the population was in shock.  Which is how they were able to ram though the Patriot Act though.  Ever wonder how a 2000-3000 page bill suddenly and magically appeared to be voted on?  So what is next?  All the BS about North Korea…are they going to attack, or are they being setup for a false flag or perhaps the event comes from a completely different source.  I really do not know.  Whatever is going to happen, it will have a domino effect with everything else from the economy to the rule of law (or lack of it) and perhaps the disintegration of the social fabric of this country.  I sincerely believe all this happy talk is a ruse to get our guard down, hence the shock will be that much more profound.  I sincerely hope I am wrong.  I do not want to see any of this happen.  I just do not trust the situation and with all the events, both national and international, that are occurring and with an increasingly rapid succession also does not give me a lot confidence.

So while I am not making any predictions here, just be prepared.  It is going to be a very interesting year.

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