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Thoughts from a Common Man

I started saying about a year ago that liberalism is no longer a political ideology but rather a religion.  I updated that by stating that it is becoming more like a cult since the professed libs from the feminazis, to the climate change whelps to the SJWs all act like drones.  No critical thinking, just completely brainwashed with the liberal theology.  They get triggered like a trained attack dog when given that specific command and react when told to react.   It is not too much of an exaggeration to say this since all you have to do is just listen to any video that interviews a liberal.  Very scary. I mean, I sit there and I ask myself “do they really believe what they are spouting?”  In addition, the abject hypocrisy in their viewpoints-it just does not make sense.  But they truly do not see it that way.  Several conservative commentators, such as Rush Limbaugh, have said all along that they (the libs) believe they are truly smarter than the average person and that they should be the ones to tell the unwashed masses what to do, how to live etc.  In addition to that arrogance, they also have some sort of a self loathing which they project on to others.  Which explains the vitriol towards others who do not think like them.  Quite scary and very pathological.  Now think about this type of thinking in the seats of power.  May I recommend a strong drink?

When I read Revelations, it talked about people becoming deceived by the beast and his system.  Aside from the fact that this deception will be very convincing and very slick, I had trouble grasping how people could fall for it?  I no longer question this.  After this past presidential election and the year following (2017) with how the libs acted, reacted and left any logic along with any other critical thinking skills back somewhere in the dust of their past, I no longer question how people will fall for the great deception.  They are already living in their deceptions and delusions.  It is as if these libs are under a spell or something.  Given all the occultic practices that occur on the left, it would not surprise me.  Remember the news blurb that was reported that these witches were putting spells on Trump and others?  Whose to say these lovely people are not putting spells on the rest of the left like the SJWs.  It could explain a lot regarding their zombie like behavior.

I outlined my thoughts about cryptos several posts ago.  In it, I discussed how it reminded me of the bubble and the housing bubble with all the hype and it is a ‘new paradigm’ and the old fundamentals do not apply.  Same stuff is being said about cryptos.  I am also seeing more advertisements on youtube for crypto mining, ira, credit card, trading, school, some people who show off their bitcoin accounts (still not sure what they are trying to sell).  Seems to me the hard sell for cryptos is in full swing.  Now more people are starting to question the whole crypto hype as it stands currently.  Perhaps another vehicle to capture more wealth from the suckers by those who control the levers of powers? I do not know, but time will tell.  I do not listen to Bix Weir anymore-to me he is just a shill for cryptos as well as Andy Hoffman.  We shall see.  However, if the current cryptos that are exploding in value suddenly crash, then Bix, Andy and others better go into hiding.

I think a lot of truths will be coming out very soon in regards to corruption, treason and perversions in the institutions of this nation.  I think many of the revealed crimes are going to be shocking and people (especially those on the left-they are a weak minded group) will not be able to handle it.  You should be aware and prepared.  One just does not know how people are going to react to these things but it will not be pretty.  If the past events are any clue, such as election night rioting, Berkley ‘protests’, the statue thing, etc. it will not be accepted well at all.  It well may trigger the civil war that has been talked about it over the past few years.  I hope not.  Just be prepared with extra food, water toiletries, self defense tools just in case.  I also think some other things will come to light such as the UFO thing.  Just recently the Pentagon admitted there are ufos and that it had a UFO program:

Hmmm…me thinks something is afoot.  Why all of a sudden this is getting released?  After how many decades of denials, obfuscation, and changing narratives why is the military admitting this?  Did they get religion?  I doubt it.  Get ready for some real strange stuff to get reported in 2018.

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