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The Lies of Our History

We live our lives every day bathed in lies.  Lies about our economy, geopolitically, socially (please see my previous posts on a perspective on this).  The lies are originated, propagated and exploited to keep the masses from understanding how things really are and, more importantly, to keep us in fear and fighting amongst ourselves.  In this way, we are easier to control and be manipulated.  Which is why our public education system is in the state that it is, with propagating the liberal agenda and teaching our youth about accepting perversions as being OK.  In addition, emphasizing the social construct, again, from the liberal/progressive/Marxist viewpoint, rather than teaching critical thinking skills etc.  Why do you think there is such a battle against the home schoolers?  The home schoolers are not indoctrinated, like the poor slobs in the public school system.  Also, a large percentage of the home schoolers are Christian. More on that later.  If someone doubts this, just look at the events this past year with the SJWs regarding the statutes, Trump and anything else these trained Marxist monkeys are programmed to get triggered by.

Much of the history that we have been taught, for those of us old enough that were actually taught some level of history, seems to have been shrouded in lies and mistruths.  I am not faulting the teachers for this, since they were probably taught the same thing.  What I am getting at is if our current and recent historical events are steeped in lies, why wouldn’t history further back on the timeline receive the same treatment?  For what purpose?  I am beginning to believe that one of the purposes is to mask the fact that many things and events are orchestrated and have been through the ages.  Why?  Simply put, for profit and power.  The lies are to mask a more sinister effort as well.  More on that as this series moves along.

I would like to start off with an excellent video on the pyramids.  What we have been taught in the building the Great Pyramid was that thousands of Hebrew slaves moved these huge blocks of stone using logs, rope and ramps to get these massive blocks into place.  That is about as much detail we got into in learning about the building of the pyramid.  In this video there is a whole lot more going on here from an engineering and architectural perspective.  A lot more.  This video also shows just how myopic many of the Egyptologists are when it comes thinking about the issues of Egyptian history.   It also shows some glaring facts that are not being addressed in the methods used to build the pyramid and other monuments.  The video also gets into the other mysterious structures throughout the world and the common elements present in all of them.  Yep, you read that correctly.  The second video also discusses the great pyramid, it is by Dr. Chuck Missler and gets into the mathematical and astronomical facts of the Great Pyramid.

One thing to consider when viewing these videos, many archaeologists and other scientists from other disciplines are baffled by the fact that Egyptian civilization just appeared.  Usually there is a progression of the development of an empire/civilization much like the Roman and Greek empires, for example.  However, the Egyptian empire just appeared with an established language, societal constructs, government and belief system.  The same goes for the Sumerian civilization, which in some respects, more advanced than the Egyptian civilization.  We will get into the Sumerian civilization at a later point.


Chuck Missler’s Video on the Great Pyramid

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