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History and the ‘what if’ exercise

One of my goals in reviewing and posting the truth, or at least serious suppositions, about our ancient past is revealing that past history is not what we were taught it was.  Even the history of the recent century is already distorted.  I remember looking at my neighbor’s kid’s history book and it went on and on about Bill Clinton and it had only a couple of paragraphs about Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a far better president than Clinton ever was and accomplished much greater than thing for the country than Clinton.   I can only imagine what kind of bullshit the liberal writers are going to write about the gay, muslim, squatter in the White House (Obama, for those of you who are not clued in yet).  But this is my point, whether by a blinded and brainwashed viewpoint (i.e. liberalism->cultural Marxism) or an intentional effort to deceive, in the end, the result is the same: and that is a falsehood (of an ideology) that is passed off as fact with no rational presentation and discourse of the facts.

To prove my point and I mentioned this once before, go check out a Mark Dice video on youterd, sorry, youtube, when he interviews people about history.  It is a very sad commentary of our education system.

So, this distortion of history is nothing new.  What is that saying…” To the victor go the spoils and the narrative” or something like that.  The narrative was always controlled, but it was easier back in the day with kings and monarchies because they held all the cards, as it were.  There was no internet or other free flow of information so the general population did not have access to other sources of information.  As a result,  they were subjected to what was told to them by their rulers.  When Guttenberg made printing more affordable with the his invention of the printing press, the ruling class freaked.  But somethings never change.  Google and others are censoring the flow of information, especially of a conservative persuasion. Why?  Why is it that alexa and siri do not know who Jesus Christ is?  If you do not know what I am talking about, please see the following videos below in the links.  Listen to the answers given by Alexa…..

The point where both bots of google and amazon did not know who Jesus Christ was/is I found very interesting.  But it is not surprising.  The MSM is very quick, to quick, to disparage Christianity, unless they are referencing the Pope, who is a Marxist. Hmmm, there is a clue.  What is the point of all this?  What if we are NOT what the Main Stream thought tells us we are, which is evolved apes?  What if are history goes back further than we have been taught and was (or is)more magnificent than what we were led to believe?  What if the Bible is true-all of it (yes, even the Great Flood and giants)?  What would that do to our collective consiousness and how we view ourselves, each other and the world around us?  What if there were ancient technologies and advancements that we cannot even begin to understand today?  What if the people that are household names in politics, Hollywood/entertainment, sports and big business were exposed to be occultists and all that it entails?  What if UFOs are real, but not in the way we originally believed? What if the American Indian legends of the star people and the thunderbirds actually have a basis of fact?  What if Greek Mythology concept of the titans is based on an historical event or period?  The tales of giants in the lore of ancient England?  The Native Americans also have tales passed down through the generations telling of giants and the six fingered people.

These subjects in the questions are not random.  There is compelling evidence for each of those points to the existence and verification of these things.  But the facts are being kept from us for various reasons I am sure ranging from not wanting to create a panic to nefarious intentions.  Before you poo-poo any of this, right now as I am writing this there is a big debate about releasing the FISA memo implicating many political figures in this Russiagate scandal.  So, if they are debating something like this, that is pretty much a slam dunk in terms of facts supporting the falsehoods of this Russiagate, do you think they will release any information that may change the foundation of what we were taught such as evolution?  I am going to go through each of the above what ifs and provide information to the best of my ability to not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt but hopefully provide enough evidence to at least give you pause to rethink things.

Something to think about:

I do not know what is scarier….what is said in the article or the way the comments are written in the comments section.

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